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"The Insider's Guide to Taos and the High Road to Santa Fe" from Colorado Expression Magazine, June/July 2006.

Do your once-rainbow-colored days seem to be dunked in olive drab? Does your mental inbox feel horribly spammed? Well then, it's time to hit the open road to points south, to exotic Taos and the High Road to Santa Fe, where life flies bright pinata colors and folks step lively to a mariachi beat.

Just a few hours from the Denver area, Taos long ago acquired its magical aura from the intertwined exuberance of three cultures: Pueblo Indian, Hispanic and Anglo.

In 1540, the Indians’ peaceful farming life was disturbed by Conquistador Hernando de Alvarado, following the Rio Grande north. Seeing the sun shining on the adobe straw at Taos Pueblo, he thought he had found the famed Cities of Gold. Wrong.